mardi 24 mai 2016

Reading Comprehension #1 - Pre Intermediate

Read the email. Are the statements true (T), false (F) or not given (NG)?

Hi Luke
How are you?  How’s the new house?  Are you enjoying the nightlife in Buenos Aires? 

I started my new job last month so I now have a good routine. I’m enjoying the work, but it’s hard because I get up early every day (you know how I like to stay in bed late!).  I try and go for a swim most days before work because there’s a gym and swimming pool in the building. It’s relaxing and I feel very good after the exercise. I’m in the office at 8:30 and first of all I check my emails. You can’t imagine how many emails I get every day! Because we’re an international company with offices all over the world, we get a lot of emails during the night as well, so we’re always busy. There’s no time to sit and do nothing! I’ve got some really nice colleagues and we usually go for lunch together on Fridays. On the other days, I go shopping or I go for a walk when the sun’s shining and sometimes I stay at my desk and have a quick sandwich – not very healthy I know. 

I don’t know many people here, so I like going out at the weekends. Of course I have a lie-in on Saturday and Sunday and if there’s an interesting exhibition on, I go to that.  I want to join some local clubs as well, maybe hiking or tennis.

I’m having a lazy day today because I’m really tired and it’s raining. I stayed in bed until 11 o’clock and now I’m sitting at the computer and writing emails to friends. I’m staying with my cousin at the moment, but I really want my own apartment. It’s quite stressful because everything is so expensive here, but I’m looking. My cousin is very kind, but she enjoys doing different things and her lifestyle is quite different from mine. 

This evening we’re going to a concert together. I’m not sure who is playing, but I think it’s a classical concert.

When I have my new apartment, you must come down and stay with me! Write soon and give me your news.


Are the sentences True(T), False(F) or Not given (NG)?

Josh is living in Buenos Aires.
a) He doesn't like getting up early.
b) He answers emails during the night
c) He doesn't have many friends where he lives.
d) He's looking for somewhere to live.
e) He doesn't like classical music



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