jeudi 26 mai 2016

Reading Comprehension #4 - Pre Intermediate

Read the email and choose the correct answers.

Hi Maria

How are you? I hope everything’s OK over there and the sun is finally shining! It’s been such a bad winter, hasn’t it?!

This is the first time I’ve managed to get to an internet café, but I’m here now and have lots to tell you. I’m staying with friends of Dan’s in Seattle. I didn’t know them before I came here, but now I feel like part of the family. They’ve been so kind and have taken me all over the city.

It often rains here on the west coast, but the weather has been great since I’ve been here so I’m really lucky. On my first day, I decided to go downtown to walk along the water front. There’s a famous market there called Pike Place Market. It’s one of the oldest (over 100 years old) and biggest markets I’ve ever been to. I really couldn’t believe my eyes! The colours and smells were just amazing. I had lunch in a restaurant called The Athenian where Tom Hanks ate in my favourite film Sleepless in Seattle. The views were fantastic, but the food wasn’t that great. 

I’m here for another week, so I want to visit some of the museums and galleries and maybe go to the theatre as well. We’re going to the Space Needle (another big tourist attraction) for dinner this evening. The restaurant is at the top of the Needle and it moves round slowly so you can get a view of the whole city while you’re eating. I’m really looking forward to it as they say the food is the best in the city.

Although I really like it here, I feel quite strange sometimes because of the language differences. I know we all speak English, but we don’t really speak the same language at all. A lot of people here find it difficult to understand what I’m saying because of my accent and it’s the same for me. And there are a lot of different words as well. Did you know that ‘cookies’ are ‘biscuits’ and ‘pants’ are ‘trousers’?!

I think I can honestly say that I have never been to a country of so many superlatives.  Everything here really is the biggest, the best, the smallest, the worst, the highest, the greatest. Welcome to America!

I’ve got to go now, but thanks again for looking after my flat (or is that apartment?!) while I’m here. I’ll bring you back the best souvenir I can find!


Jess xx 


Choose the correct answer.

1. She's staying _________.
a. with old friends
b. with Dan's family
c. with people she doesn't know well.
2. The Athenian is famous because of _________.
a. its food
b. Sleepless is Seattle
c. its views
3. The Space Neddle restaurant _________.
a. offers excellent food
b. is expensive
c. is in the city centre
4. Jess _________.
a. can't understand US English
b. has problems understanding US English
c. has a US accent
5. Jess thinks the US _________.
a. has everything
b. is a country of extremes
c. is the best place she's ever visited



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