lundi 23 mai 2016

Reading Comprehension #4

Read the article. Are the statements True (T) or False (F)?

Well, here I am in my room at my favourite hotel.  There’s fresh coffee on the table and cold water and orange juice in the fridge.  This is my favourite room because it’s very big and there’s a fantastic view of the park from the window.

I’m in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.  This city is very interesting and very old.  There’s an international airport near the city and in half an hour you’re in the centre of the town.  There are a lot of galleries, museums, palaces and theatres in Prague.  It’s a very cultural city.  The river in Prague is called the Vltava.

Near Prague there are also mountains and national parks for summer holidays when it’s very hot in the town.

It’s cold today but there’s a really good restaurant in the hotel where you can have typical Czech food and it’s not very expensive.

At midnight my train goes to Berlin.

Put them in the correct order.

The hotel room is not very good.
a)There’s a park near the hotel.
b)Prague is an interesting city.
c)The Vltava isn’t in Prague.
d)Prague is very hot in the summer.
e)There’s an Italian restaurant in the hotel.



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