mardi 24 mai 2016

Reading Comprehension #8

Read the web forum. Put the sentences into the correct place.

I’m writing a project on memories so please write and tell me about special people or places from your past.

I remember the house where I was born.  (0) ___ x____ We were a big family: my mother’s parents were with us and there were five children – me and my four brothers.  We were poor but happy!  Today I still live in the same town but the house isn’t there any more.  (1) ___________.

I remember my English teacher Sarah.  She was from London and she was the first English teacher in our school in Bulgaria.  We were very lucky because she was a very good teacher.  (2)____________________________ Now I live in the USA but I often think of those happy times.

My first trip to London was fantastic.  I was 14 and we were on a school trip.  We were in a hotel in the centre of the city.  (3) ___________There were so many interesting places to visit – we were at Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament … and I was in every photograph!  (4) ___________.

My first love of course – that’s a good memory.  His name was Giorgio and he was Italian.  He was from Venice.  He was in Germany for one month in the summer because his cousins were in Munich.  They were my friends so we were together a lot for those four weeks.  (5) ___________  Maybe he’s married too.


Put the sentences into the correct place.

x    It was very old and really small.

1 My children laugh at my clothes and my hair but I was a teenager!
2 Now I'm married, but no to him
3 Her classes were really interesting and fun
4 We were twenty students and there were two teachers as well
5 I feel sab about that




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