samedi 18 juin 2016

Reading Comprehension #6 - Elementary

Read the letter and choose the correct answers.

Hi Lucy

I’m here in Prague on a weekend break with my sister. We arrived at the airport at three o’clock yesterday afternoon and we took the bus and metro into the city centre and went to our hotel. It’s a lovely old building near the river. We walked around the old town for an hour and then found a cosy restaurant for supper. I love the Czech food but it’s difficult for Ginny because she’s a vegetarian. 

Did you know I came to Prague for the first time twenty years ago? It’s very different now. In those days there were only a few department stores and there weren’t any shopping centres. And the restaurants were really bad and it wasn’t often possible to have a meal without meat!

I loved it though because it was very different from other big cities because you can walk everywhere when you’re in the centre of the city. I’m pleased that some things are still the same. The buildings in the old town are still beautiful and there are lots of churches, art galleries, museums and cafés to visit. I love music and opera so we got tickets for an opera at the National Theatre for this evening.

Ginny isn’t very interested in sightseeing. I don’t understand her but because I know Prague, I’m happy to go shopping with her.

See you soon dear friend.



Choose the correct answer: a, b, or c.

1. Debs and Ginny _____ to Prague.
a. flew
b. drove
c. took the train
2.The Czechs eat a lot of _____.
a. fast food
b.there were no restaurants
c.there was no meat
3.The buildings _____.
a.are different now
b.are as they were in the past
c.are quite ugly
4. Tilda has _____.
a. a part-time job
b. a full-time job
c. no work
5.Ginny wants to ____.
a.go sightseeing
b.go to the opera
c.see the shops




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