samedi 18 juin 2016

Reading Comprehension #8 - Elementary

Read Tilly’s blog and choose the correct answers.

It’s 5:30 in the afternoon on Saturday 5th June and I’m sitting in the grass outside Salisbury Cathedral with thousands of people. I arrived in England yesterday after two weeks in France. I decided to come here and visit my friends Clare and Tom. They’re from the USA but they’re travelling around England at the moment. They told me about this fantastic city so now I’m here too! 

We’re all here for the final concert of the Salisbury International Arts Festival. The Festival takes place at the same time every year and every year there is a different theme. This year it’s India so everything is connected with the country – music, theatre, films, books and food! Luckily today the weather is fantastic but yesterday it was terrible. The sun is shining and there aren’t any clouds in the sky. The atmosphere is great and everyone is enjoying themselves. There are families with children, students, old people, in fact people of all ages from zero to eighty! There are lots of activities for the children so they’re all very happy and running around. Most people have picnics with them as well. 

My friend Claire made some delicious food this morning so we have sandwiches, salads, a huge chocolate cake, fruit and drinks. We brought some small chairs so we’re very comfortable and we’re not far from the musicians. No-one is playing at the moment but the programme looks very interesting. There are three bands and the first band starts at 6:00 p.m. I love Indian music so I hope we can dance. There’s space at the front so I’m sure we can. 

People say that the English people aren’t very friendly but I can say that everyone here is very kind and helpful. I’m having a great time!

Choose the correct answer: a, b, or c.

1.She’s visiting ________.
a. English friends
b. her family
c. American friend
2. The Salisbury Festival takes place ______.
a. at different times
b. every June
c. with the same theme every year
3.The weather is _________.
a. sometimes bad
b. terrible
c. always sunny
4.Most people there _______.
a. have children
b. are eating
c. are cold
5.Tilly and her friends ________.
a. are dancing
b.are talking to the other people
c. are waiting for the music




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