mercredi 21 septembre 2016

Reading Comprehension #8 - Intermediate

Read this email and choose the correct answer.

Hi Laura

Hope all’s well with you and the family. I’ve been meaning to write to you for ages but a lot’s been going on and I wanted to wait until I was more settled before I sent you this email.

You probably heard from Tina that things weren’t going too well at work. I didn’t get the promotion I’d applied for after my boss left and the person who got the job was a nightmare. I don’t think anyone liked her and she certainly made my life very difficult. I found I was working incredibly long hours and taking work home because I didn’t want her to criticise me. Of course that meant that I wasn’t paying enough attention to Mike and the children.

Jack has just started at secondary school and he’s at that difficult age where he wants more independence but he’s still just a kid. You know what it’s like! Hannah has been great though and I’m very grateful that she has been so patient – it can’t have been easy for her either.

After a few months I decided to take the plunge and quit. I went into the office and told my boss that I wanted to leave and as soon as I’d spoken the words I felt so relieved. I walked out of the office a new woman. Of course a few days later I started to wonder whether I’d made the right decision so I made an appointment to see a life coach who was really great. In just two hours she managed to give me a new sense of focus. We made lots of lists and now I have a plan for the way forward and have never been happier.

I get up every day now with a feeling of excitement instead of panic and I spend my time doing what I love – cooking. Who would have thought that I’d be able to make money doing something as simple and as enjoyable as preparing food for children’s birthday parties?

It’s taken time to get to where I am now but if I hadn’t hated my job so much I wouldn’t have had the courage to quit and start a new path. I only wish I’d done it sooner but, as they say, better late than never.

I hope you’ll come and visit soon. You can help me with some new ideas for birthday cakes.

Love to everyone

Jen xx


Choose the correct answer.

0 Jen hasn’t written for a while because.

a she has moved house.

b a lot of things have changed.
c she’s been too busy.
1 After her boss left,
a Jen was turned down for promotion.
b Jen got on well with her new boss.
c Jen worked from home.

a Hannah has been behaving badly.

b Jack is a responsible teenager.

c Hannah has been understanding.


a Jen immediately regretted resigning.

b Jen felt much better after resigning.

c Jen wished she hadn’t resigned.


a Jen wrote down a lot of ideas for the future.

b Jen found a new job two hours later.

c Jen spent a few days planning her future.


a Jen panics about the future now.

b Jen looks forward to the future.

c Jen regrets leaving her job.



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