dimanche 3 décembre 2017

Repaso 4th y 5th Dic 2017

A. Match the verbs with the correct definitions

*break up

*look up to

*put up with

*keep up with

*chase after






*terminar relación




*estar al tanto

B. Match the correct pairs of nouns to create Idioms.

a) Keep an


shoulder       (   )

b) Play it by


face             (   )

c) Put on a brave


ear               (   )

d) Give sb the cold


leg                (   )

e) Pull someone’s


eye on sb     (   )

C. Fill the blanks with the correct particle to complete each phrasal verb.
a) catch ______          = begin to understand f) get ______             = leave bed
b) keep ______           = continue                               g) show ______          = appear at a place
c) take ______            = leave the ground                  h) grow ______          = become adult
d) break ______         = end a relationship                 i) hurry ______            = go faster
e) give ______            = stop trying                            j) hold ______             = wait

D. Below are sentences that contain similes and metaphors. Underline the two words in each sentence that are being compared.
a) Gwen sings like an expert.                         f) Mark’s voice is velvet.
b) The cat’s fur was a blanket of warmth.                  g) The lamp was a beacon of sunshine.
c) The fireworks were a lantern in the sky.                h) Cindy is a fish when she swims.
d) Mary was as sweet as pie.                         i) George is lightning as he runs the race.
e) Tom is like a computer when he does his math.    j) John slept like a log.           


E. Use a particle from the box to complete the sentences with phrasal verbs

Off- Across- Up- Away- Out

a) Would you like to stay at home or eat _______________ tonight?
b) I don’t think you can do something that’s wrong and get _______________ with it.
c) We watched as the planes took _______________ from the airport.
d) We were lucky that the bomb didn’t blow _______________ .
e) When I read the book I came _______________ a word I had never seen before.

F. Match cliché with its definition

a) As good as gold


___ caught doing sth wrong / illegal

b) Blue Monday


___ worth a lot of money

c) Blind as bat!


___  not clear or easy to understand

d) Busted!


___  lacking the ability to understand sth

e) Clear as mud


___ feeling sad