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PV - Allude to sb/sth

Allude to sb/sth (formal)

*To mention someone or something in an indirect way: He kept alluding to his wife, but didn’t mention her name.

*If you allude to something, you mention it in indirect way: They very soon learned not to allude to the subject. # A controversial question to which we may briefly allude. This is only rarely alluded to in even indirect terms.
                = REFER TO

*To mention something or someone indirectly: Rick didn’t want to discuss his past, though he alluded darkly to ‘some things that happened’.

*To mention something in an indirect way: The problem had been alluded to briefly in earlier discussions.

*To mention someone or something without talking about them directly: She mentioned some trouble that she’d had at home and I guessed she was alluding to her son.

allude verb

ß                             à

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