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Phrasal Verbs Basicos

Lista básica según abz ingles

Aquí en Abz-Inglés hemos escogido 600 Phrasal Verbs y lo hemos considerado como básicos a aprender. Haz clic en cada entrada y podrás visualizar cada verbo frasal.


Account for Bank on Boil down to Bring along
Act on Base on Boil over Bring back
Add in Beat up Book in Bring down
Add on Become of Book into Bring forward
Add up to Begin with Book up Bring in
Add up Believe in Border on Bring into
Agree with Belong to Bounce back Bring out
Aim at Bend down Break away Bring over
Allow for Bend over Break down Bring up
Amount to Bet on Break in Build in
Approve of Black out Break into Build on
Ask for Blend in Break off Build up
Ask out Block out Break out Bump into
Back away Blow away Break through Burn down
Back down Blow off Break up Burn out
Back off Blow out Breathe in Burst into
Back out Blow over Breathe out Burst out
Back up Blow up Brighten up Buy up
Bail out Bog down Bring about  



Call back Come about Come up to Disagree with
Call for Come across Come up with Disapprove of
Call in Come after Confide in Dish out
Call off Come along Cool down Dispose of
Call on Come around Count for Divide by
Call out Come away Count on Divide into
Call up Come back Count out Divide up
Calm down Come back to Count up Do away with
Care for Come by Cover up Do up
Carry on Come down Crack down Do with
Carry out Come down to Cross off Do without
Cash in Come for Cross out Draw in
Catch on Come forward Cross over Draw out
Catch up Come from Cry out Draw up
Catch up in Come in Curl up Dream of
Catch up with Come into Cut back Dream up
Cater for Come off Cut back on Dress out
Centre on Come on Cut down Drive out
Change over Come on to Cut down on Drop back
Chat up Come out Cut off Drop by
Check in Come out in Cut out Drop in
Check out Come out of Cut up Drop off
Check up Come over Deal in Drop out
Cheer up Come round Deal with Dry out
Clean out Come through Decide on Dry up
Clean up Come under Depend on Eat out
Clear out Come up Deprive of Eat up
Clear up Come up against Die down End up
Close down Come up for Die out Engage in
Close up Come up upon Dig up Enter into



Face up to Follow up Give up Hang around
Fade away Force into Go about Hang on
Fall apart Get across Go ahead Hang out
Fall away Get along Go along Hang up
Fall back on Get around Go along with Have on
Fall behind Eat at Go around Head back
Fall down Get away Go away Head for
Fall for Get away from Go back Head off
Fall into Get away with Go back to Head towards
Fall off Get back Go beyond Hear about
Fall out Get back to Go by Hear from
Fall over Get down Go down Hear of
Fall through Get in Go for Heat up
Fight back Get into Go in Help out
Fight off Get off Go into Hide away
Figure out Get on Go off Hide from
Fill in Get out Go on Hit back
Fill out Get out of Go out Hit out
Fill up Get over Go over Hold back
Find out Get round Go round Hold down
Finish off Get through Go through Hold off
Finish up Get to Go up Hold on
Finish with Get together Go with Hold on to
Fit in Get up Grow up Hold out
Fit into Get up to Hand back Hold up
Fit in with Give away Hand in Hook up
Fix up Give back Hand out Hope for
Flirt with Give in Hand over Hurry up
Flood in Give out Hang about  



Impose on Kick off Let in Log in
Improve on Kick out Let into Log on
Include in Kill off Let off Long for
Insist on Knock back Let out Look after
Interfere in Knock down Lie around Look at
Invite in Knock off Lie down Look back
Join in Knock out Lift up Look down
Join up Knock over Light up Look for
Jump at Knock about Line up Look towards to
Keep away Laugh at Link up Look into
Keep back Lay down Listen to Look on
Keep down Lay off Live off Look out
Keep from Lay on Live on Look out for
Keep off Lay out Live together Look round
Keep on Lead to Live up to Look through
Keep out Lead up to Live with Look up
Keep out of Leave behind Lock away Look up to
Keep to Leave off Lock in Lose out
Keep up Leave out Lock out  
Kick in Let down Lock up  



Make for Merge into Move in Note down
Make into Mess around Move into Object to
Make of Mess up Move off Occur to
Make out Miss out Move on Open out
Make up Mix in Move on to Open up
Make up for Mix up Move out Operate on
Mark down Mop up Move over Oppose on
Match up Move along Move round Opt for
Measure up Move around Move up Opt out
Meet up Move away Name after Own up
Meet with Move down Narrow down  



Pack in Pick out Pour out Push over
Pack up Piece together Press on Push through
Part with Pile up Print out Put across
Pass around Piss off Prop up Put aside
Pass by Plan for Protect from Put away
Pass down Plan on Provide for Put back
Pass of Play around Provide with Put back on
Pass on Play back Pull away Put behind
Pass out Play down Pull back Put down
Pass over Play on Pull down Put forward
Patch up Play up Pull in Put in
Pay back Play with Pull into Put into
Pay for Plead for Pull off Put off
Pay in Plead with Pull on Put on
Pay into Plough into Pull out Put on to
Pay off Plug in Pull out of Put out
Pay out Plug into Pull over Put out of
Pay up Point out Pull up
Put over
Phase out Point to Pump up Put through
Phone back Pop in Push back Put to
Phone in Pop out Push for Put together
Phone up Pour in Push into Put up
Pick on Pour into Push out Put up with



Queue up Report back Roll up Run into
Reach out Resort to Round off Run off
Reach up Result from Round up Run on
Read up Result in Rub in Run out
Read out Return to Rule out Run out of
Read through Ring back Run about Run over
Reduce to Ring up Run across Run through
Refer to Rip apart Run after Run to
Relate to Rip off Run around Run up
Rely on Rip up Run away  
Remind of Rise up Run down  
Rent out Roll over Run in  



Screw up Settle down Snap up Stay out of
Seal off Settle for Soak up Stay up
See as Settle in Sort out Stein from
See in Shake off Speak for Step down
See through Shape up Speak up Step in
See to Show off Speed up Step up
Sell off Show up Split up Stick in
Sell out Shut down Spread out Stick on
Send away Shut up Spring up Stick out
Send back Sign in Squeeze in Stick to
Send for Sign up Stand back Stick together
Send in Single out Stand by Stick up
Send off Sink in Stand down Stick with
Send out Sink into Stand for Sit in
Serve as Sit around Stand out Stir up
Serve up Sit back Stand up Stop off
Set about Sit down Start off Stretch out
Set against Sit up Start on Sum up
Set aside Sleep with Start out Sweep away
Set back Slip away Start up Sweep up
Set down Slip in Stay away Switch off
Set in Slip into Stay away from Swithc on
Set off Slip out Stay in  
Set out Slow down Stay on  
Set up Smell of Stay out  



Take along Talk over Throw down Tuck in
Take apart Talk through Throw in Tune in
Take away Talk to Throw into Turn around
Take away from Talk with Throw out Turn away
Take back Team up Throw up Turn back
Take down Tear up Tidy up Turn down
Take in Tell off Tie up Turn into
Take into Think back Tire of Turn off
Take off Think of Top up Turn on
Take on Think over Touch on Turn out
Take out Think through Toy with Turn over
Take over Think up Track down Turn round
Take up Throw at Trip over Turn to
Talk into Throw away Try for Turn up
Talk out of Throw back Try out  



Use up Watch out for Wipe out Write in
Wake up Wear off Work at Write off
Walk away from Wear out Work on Write out
Walk out Weigh up Work out Write up
Warm up Win back Work up Zip up
Wash out Win over Wrap up  
Watch for Wind down Write back  
Watch out Wind up Write down  


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