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PV - Amount to sth

Amount to sth (not continuous)

(Add up)

*If you say that something amounts to a particular sum or member, you mean that its total is that quality: Very high fees which amount to $5400. # Her entire fortune, which amounted by then to a considerable sum of money. # A huge infantry force which with reserves amounted ro 30000 men.
                = ADD TO, TOTAL

*To add up to a particular total: His monthly earnings amount to about £2,000.

*If you say that an idea, feeling, statement, or action amount to something you mean that it seems like that to you: His attitude towards her amounted to loathing. # The proposals amount to a new charter for the mentally ill. # The message amounted to little more than personal regards.

*If figures, sums, etc. amount to a particular total, they equal that total when they are added together: Time lost through illness amounted to 1375 working days.

*To become a particular amount: The annual cost of income support unmarried mothers amounted to $700 million that year.

*To add up to something; to make something as a total: His earnings are said to amount to $300000 per annum. # They gave me some help in the beginning but it did not amount to much (=they did not give me much help).

*If you say that something amounts to little, you mean that it is unimportant, and if you say that it amounts to a great deal, you mean that it is important: The trouble had amounted to hardly anything. # It had never amounted to much.


*To be the same as or equal to something else: Two dates in nine years hardly amounts to an active social life.

*To have the same effect as something else: The court decided that the company’s actions amounted to unfair dismissal.

*If an attitude, remark, situation, etc. amounts to something, it has the same effect: The court’s decision amounts to a not guilty verdict. # Ultimately, their ideas amount to the same thing.

*To be equal to or the same as something: Her answer amounted to a complete refusal, # Their actions amount to a breach of contract. # We were jailed for a week – well, confined to quarters, but it amounted to the same thing.

*To be the same as something, or to have the same effect as something: His behaviour amounted to serious professional misconduct. # He gave what amounted to an apology on behalf of his company.

amount noun, verb

ß                             à

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