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PV - Answer for sth

Answer for sth

*To accept responsibility or blame for something: You will have to answer for your behaviour one day. # This government has a lot to answer for (=is responsible for a lot of bad things).

*To be responsible for something bad, or to be punished for something: I expect parents to answer for their children’s behaviour. # ‘Why do you think there’s so much violence nowadays?’ ‘Well, violence on television has a lot to answer for (=is the cause of much of it).’

*To agree to be responsible for something: You have to answer for any problems that happen during the show.

*Can’t answer for someone used for emphasizing that you cannot say what someone else will do or think about something: I can’t answer for my colleagues, but as far as I’m concerned this is a great proposal.

*Have a lot to answer for to be responsible for a lot of bad things that have happened: The managers of that company have a lot to answer for.

answer noun, verb

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