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PV - Answer for sb/sth

Answer for sb/sth

*(have a lot to answer, informal) To be responsible for causing a lot of trouble.

*(can’t answer for sb, spoken) To say that you cannot make a decision for someone who is not there, or give their opinion: I’m sure John will help us –I can’t really answer for the others.

*To compromise that somebody has a particular quality or can be relied on to do something: I can’t answer for her honesty.

*If you can answer for someone or for a quality of theirs, you mean that you are sure they are reliable and trustworthy, or have that quality: I can answer for his loyalty.
                = VOUCH FOR

*To explain to people in authority why did something wrong or why something happened, and be punished if necessary: Their coach must answer for the team’s poor performance.

*If you say that someone has something to answer for, you mean that they have done something bad and should be held responsible for it: The cosmetic industry has much to answer for. # If they starts terror tactics the entire army will have to answer for his actions. # I think the motorist has a lot to answer for. He expects too much.

*If you say that you can answer for someone or for a quality that they have, you mean that you know from experience that they can be trusted, or that they have that quality: I can certainly answer for her professionalism, and whole-heartedly recommend her to any employer. 

*(usually in negative sentences) to say that somebody else will do something or have a particular opinion: I agree, but I can’t answer for my colleagues.

answer noun, verb

ß                             à

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