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PV - Angle for sth

Angle for sth (mainly disapproving)

*To try to make someone give you something without asking for it directly: She didn’t want Ron thinking that she was angling for sympathy.

*If you are angling for something, you try to make someone offer it to you without asking for it indirectly: He got the invitation to Washington he had been angling for. # I am quite sure she was not angling for some sort of reconciliation.
                = FISH FOR

*To try to get something you want without asking directly for it: She was obviously angling for an invitation. # I didn’t want him to think I was just angling for sympathy.

*To try to get a particular reaction or response from somebody, without directly asking for what you want: It was obvious she was angling for sympathy.

*If someone is angling for something, they are trying to get something without asking for it directly: He’s clearly angling for a job/an invitation.

angle noun, verb

ß                             à

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