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PV - Answer to sb (for sth)

Answer to sb (for sth)

*To give an explanation to someone, especially about something that you have done wrong: Phipps answers to me and me alone.

*If someone or something aanswers to a particular description, they have the characteristics described: He knew of several boys who mightanswer to that description.
                = FIT

*Answer to the name of something to be called a particular name –used humorously: A well-dressed young woman answering to the name of Suzanne.

*If something answers to your needs or requirements, it will fill your needs. The Militia must have had something that answered to our national military needs.
                = SATISFY

*To take orders from, obey and explain your actions to someone: The great thing about working for yourself is that you don’t have to answer to anyone.

*(formal) When someone answers to a person who has authority over them, they give them the information that is official scribe.

*To have to explain your actions or decisions to somebody: All sales clerks answer to the store manager.

*To have to explain to someone why you did something: I answer to no one except the president.

answer noun, verb

ß                             à

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