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Common Phrasal Verbs

(sb= somebody/someone  |  sth= something)


  1. Inseparable Phrasal verbs are shown with the object after the particle (go after sth)
  2. Separable Phrasal verbs are shown with the object between the verb and the particle 8call sb up)
  3. Separable phrasal verbs can have the noun object wither between the verb and the particle or after the particle (call Jan up or call up Jan). These verbs must, however, be separated when there is a pronoun object (call her up NOT call up her).
  4. Verbs which must be separated are shown with an asterisk (*).


Phrasal verbs Meaning
Ask sb round Invite to one’s house
Block sth out Stop from passing through (light, noise)
Blow sth out Stop burning by blowing
Blow sth up -Fill sth with air (ballon, water toy)
  -(make sth) explode
Break down Stop functioning
Break out Occur suddenly
Bring sth about Make sth happen
Bring sb/sth back Return sb or sth
Bring sth out Introduce (a new product, book)
Bring sb up Raise (children)
Burn (sth) down Burn completely
Call sb back Return a phone call
Call sth off Cancel
Call sb up Telephone someone
Carry on sth Continue
Carry sth out Pursue a plan
Catch on Become popular
Cheer sb up (make someone) feel happier
Clean sb/sth up Clean completely
Clear sth up Make clear
Come about Happen
Come along Accompany
Come back Return
Come in Enter
Come off sth Become detached
Come out Appear
Come up Arise
Come up with sth Invent
Cover sth up Cover completely
Cross sth out Draw a line through
Cut sth down Bring down by cutting
Cut sth off -Stop the supply of sth
  -Remove by cutting
Cut sth out Remove by cutting
Dream sth up Invent
Dress up Put on special or formal clothes
Drink sth up Drink completely
Drop by/in Visit unexpectedly
Drop sb/sth off -Take sb/sth to a place and leave
  them/it there
Drop out (of sth) Leave
Eat out Eat in a restaurant
Empty (sth) out Empty completely
End up -Do sth unexpected or unintended
  -Reach  a final place or condition
Fall off Become detached
Figure sb/sth out Understand (after think about)
Fill sth in -Complete with information (a form,
  an application)
Fill sth up Fill completely
Find sth out Learn information
Follow sth through Complete
Fool around Be playful
Get sth across Get people to understand an idea
Get ahead Make progress, succeed
Get along Relate well
Get back Return
Get by Survive
Get out of (of sth) Leave (a car, a taxi)
Get sth out of sth* Benefit from
Get together Meet
Get up Rise from bed
Give sth away Give without charging money
Give sth back Return sth
Give sth out Distribute
Give sth up Stop, abandon
Go after sb/sth Pursue
Go along with sth Act in agreement with
Go back Return
Go off Explode (a gun, fireworks)
Go on Continue
Go out Leave
Go up Be built
Grow up Become an adult
Hand sth in Give some work to a boss or teacher
Hand sth out Distribute
Hang up Put the phone down
Hang sth up Put on a hook or hanger
Help sb out Assist
Hold on Wait, not hang up the phone
Keep (sb/sth) away (cause to) stay at a distance
Keep on Continue
Keep sth on* Not remove (a piece of clothing/jewelry)
Keep up (with sb/sth) Go as fast as
Lay sb off End someone’s employment
Leave sth on* -Not turn off (a light, radio)
  -Not remove (a piece of clothing/jewelry)
Leave sth out Omit
Let sb down Disappoint
Let sb/sth in Allow to enter
Let sb/sth out Allow to leave
Lie down Recline
Light (sth) up Illuminate
Look out Be careful
Look sb/sth over Examine
Look sth up Try to find in a book or on the internet
Make sth up Create
Pass sth round Distribute
Pay sb/sth back Repay
Pay off Be worthwhile
Pick sb/sth out -Select
Pick up Improve
Pick sb/sth up -Lift
  -Get (an idea, a new book, an interest)
Play around Have fun
Point sb/sth out Indicate
Put sth away Put sth in an appropriate place
Put sth back Return sth to its original place
Put sb/sth down Stop holding
Put sth off Postpone
Put sth on -Cover the body with a piece of
Put sth together Assemble
Put sth up Erect
Run into sb Meet accidentally
Run out (of sth) Not have enough of a supply
See sth through* Complete
Set sth off Cause to explode
Set sth up -Establish (a business, an organization)
  -Prepare for use
Show sb/sth off Display the best qualities
Show up Appear
Sign up Register
Sit down Take a seat
Stand up Rise
Stay up Remain awake
Stick with/to sb/sth Not give up, not leave
Straighten (sth) up Make neat
Switch sth on Start a machine
Take sth away/off Remove
Take sth back Return
Take off Depart (a plane)
Take sb on Hire, employ
Take sth out Borrow from a library
Talk sb into* Persuade
Talk sth over Discuss
Team up with sb Start to work with
Tear sth down Destroy
Tear sth up Tear into small pieces
Think sth over Consider
Think sth up Invent
Throw sth away/out Discard
Touch sth up Improve by making small changes
Try sth on Put clothing on to see if it fits
Try sth out Find out if sth works
Turn sb/sth down -Reject
  -Decrease the volume (a radio, tv)
Turn sb/sth into Change from one form to another
Turn sth off Stop a machine
Turn sth on Start a machine
Turn out Have a particular result
Turn up Appear
Turn sth up Increase the volume
Use sth up Use completely, consume
Wake up Arise after sleeping
Wake sb up Awaken
Watch out Be careful
Work sth off Remove by work or activity
Work out -Be resolved
Work sth out Solve
Write th down Write on a piece of paper
Write sth up Write in a finished form



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