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Advanced Vocabulary - Disobedience and Failure to Cooperate

breach noun
a failure to follow a law or rule.

contravention noun
formal the action of doing something that is not allowed by a rule, law, or agreement.

contravention noun
(formal) something that is not allowed by a rule, law, or agreement.

defiance noun
refusal to obey a person or rule.

disobedience noun
someone’s behaviour when they do not obey orders or rules.

infraction noun
(formal) a situation in which someone breaks a law or rule.

insubordination noun
(formal) behaviour in which you refuse to obey or show respect for someone who has authority over you.

non-compliance noun
(formal) failure to follow an official rule or obey a law.

non-cooperation noun
a policy of not doing the things that someone wants you to do, especially as a type of protest.

non-observance noun
failure to obey rules.

rebellion noun
a refusal to obey your leader, especially in politics.

wrong noun
behaviour that is morally wrong or that breaks a rule.

against someone’s wishes advice
if someone does something against your wishes advice , they do it even though you do not want them to do it advise them not to do it.

in default
(formal) the position of someone who has not done something that they were officially ordered to do.


defaulter noun
infringement noun
rebelliousness noun



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