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Common Clichés

Como ya sabes los Cliché son palabras, frases, lugares, ideas que se repiten tanto que se convierten en frases trilladas. Aqui te dejo una pequeña lista de Clichés más usados en el inglés. Si crees que he obviado uno, házmelo saber con un comentario.


Describing Time

Time will tell: This means that something will revealed or become clear over time
In the nick of time: This means something happened just in time
Lost track of time: This means you stopped paying attention to the time or to how long something was taking
Lasted an eternity: This refers to something that lasts for a very long time (or that feels like it does)
A matter of time: This refers to something that will eventually happen or eventually become clear
A waste of time: This refers to something that was silly or not valuable to do
Rushed for time: This means you do not have sufficient time to do something
In a jiffy: This means something will happen soon
The time of my life: This refers to a really great time
At the speed of light: This means something done very quickly.


Describing People

As old as the hills: This describes someone very old
Fit as a fiddle: This describes someone in great shape
Without a care in the world: This describes someone who is not plagued by problems or worries
A diamond in the rough: This describes someone who has a great future.
Brave as a lion: This describes a very brave person.
Weak as a kitten: This describes a very weak person.


Clichés about Life, Love and Emotions

Opposites attract: This means that people who like different things and have different views are likely to fall in love or to become friends
Scared out of my wits: This describes being very frightened
Frightened to death: This also describes being very frightened
All is fair in love and war: This cliché stands for the premise that you can do whatever you have to in order to capture the heart of your lover
All’s well that ends well: This means that even if there were problems along the way, it doesn't matter as long as there is a happy ending
Every cloud has a silver lining: This means that even when bad things happen, it may be possible to find some good in them
Haste makes waste: This cliché stands for the premise that you will make mistakes when you do things too quickly
The writing on the wall: This refers to something that should be clear or apparent and that is essentially a foregone conclusion
Time heals all wounds: This means that all pain and suffering will get better over time
What goes around comes around: This cliché teaches the lesson that the way you treat others will eventually be the way you are treated
When you have lemons, make lemonade: This cliché encourages you to have a positive attitude even when things are going bad.


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