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Top Tips Grammar: Suggestions

Main points

+ You use ‘could’, ‘couldn’t’, or ‘shall’ to make a suggestion.
+ You use ‘Shall we’ to suggest doing something with someone.
+ You use ‘You might like’ or ‘You might want’ to make polite suggestions.
+ You use ‘may as well’ or ‘might as well’ to suggest a sensible action.
+ You use ‘What about’, ‘Let’s’, ‘Why don’t’, and ‘Why not’ to make suggestions.


a) You use ‘could’ to suggest doing something.

- You could phone her.
- She could go into research.
- We could go on Friday.

You also use ‘couldn’t in a question to suggest doing something.

- Couldn’t you just build some more factories?
- Couldn’t we do it at the weekend?


b) You use ‘Shall we’ to suggest doing somebody else.

- Shall we go and see a film?
- Shall we talk about something different now?

You use ‘Shall I’ to suggest doing something yourself.

- Shall I contact the Chairman?


c) You use ‘You might’, followed by a verb meaning ‘like’ or ‘want’, to make a suggestion in a very polite way.

- I thought perhaps you might like to come along with me.
- You might want to try another shop.

You can also do this using ‘It might be’, followed by a noun group or an adjective, and a ‘to’- infinitive.

- I think it might be a good idea to stop recording now.
- It might be wise to get a new car.


d) You use ‘may as well’ or ‘might as well’ to suggest doing something, but only because it seems the sensible thing to do, or because there is no reason not to do it.

- You may as well open them all.
- He might as well take the car.


e) You can also make a suggestion by using:

*’What about’ or ‘How about’ followed by an ‘-ing’ form

- What about going to Judy’s?
- How about using my car?

*’Let’s followed by the base form of a verb.

- Let’s go outside.

*’Why don’t I’, ‘Why don’t you’ or ‘Why don’t we’ followed by the base form of a verb.

- Why don’t I pick you up at seven?
- Why don’t you write to her yourself?
- Why don’t we just give them what they want?

*’Why not’ followed by the base form of a verb.

- Why not bring him along?
- Why not try both?





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